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Hello {NAME},

Your Program named {PROGRAMNAME}  in WebSpirit is set  to expire on {EXPIRYDATE}.

If you haven't been to the site lately, please take a look to see what it is now that you are a member of. It is completely revamped and prepared now to handle our planned growth.

We hope you have appreciated being a participant and beneficiary of our effort to support Community, Culture and Commerce. We have recently completed many new services and features for the community designed to make a great difference in how we interact and reach out as a business, organization or individual.

Our member utilities are designed to connect individuals, support community businesses and organizations, and ultimately provide a central communication system for regional sustainability.

Your membership will expire in the next weeks. If you are part of our PayPal  Subscription system (you would have signed up for this), your membership will renew automatically and will charge your Paypal account or your Credit Card, depending on how you set it up. You can log in to
PayPal and cancel. If you aren't on a subscription, please visit


Your Control Panel, to renew.


If you renew your membership, you will continue to enjoy member discounts, the daily digest, our increasing member recognition features, and the empowerment of  our Member Control Panel. If you allow the auto-renew through Paypal to continue you will also retain the original prices for your subscription.

If you choose not to renew, you may still post to the community and receive posts, though at the full rates.

An abundant harvest is possible when we experience our resourcefulness by utilizing a central, empowered communication system populated with enough people to realize the potential.

Our mission is to provide Technologies for HumanityTM to benefit the welfare of our members.

With many years in the making, this system has achieved its primary goal of providing a strong communication and presentation system to enhance success for businesses and organizations and to help individuals achieve their goals. We thank our user population for being patient while we brought this up to full potential. We know, you stuck with us.

Please consdier what WebSpirit is becoming. Yes, we are building a necessarily complex system.  It is, after all, intended to provide a New way of being in and doing Business in Community.

The system will thrive with an active growing population to fuel it.

If you decide not to renew at this time, we wish you well.  If you have used the system recently, and so are aware of the New WebSpirit,  please consider responding to this email with suggestions and feedback for our consideration. It is so important for our culture that Technologies for HumanityTM   has the opportunity to serve as intended.

Yours truly,
The WebSpirit Team

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